Trouvé Victory Inc. launches the next generation of electric vehicles with a focus on high performance and zero-emission electric technology

November 2, 2021: Ontario, Canada: Trouvé Victory Inc. is bringing the next generation of fully electric vehicles to the global automotive marketplace with delivery starting in 2023.

Trouvé-EV vehicles will include an 18-minute quick charge capability and an overnight fullcharge in 4 hours, which will allow you an 800-1,000 km or 500-700 mile driving range on a single charge. The high-performance vehicles outperform the traditional cars of today — ALL with zero emissions.

“Electric vehicles are quieter, cleaner and more efficient to run than fossil fueled vehicles.” Explains Faruk K. Rama, Trouvé Chairman. “They are the answer to building a better, cleaner world for our children. In order for us to see a true global shift to electric vehicles and their benefits, we need more options for high performing, zero emissions vehicles in the market. The Trouvé-EV is the answer.”

Trouvé – EV will unveil 3 – model designs in the near future all with designs that are powered by high performance electric technology and are engineered to be recyclable and designed with the Trouvé-EV Regenerative Energy System, harnessing the power of the elements, wind, motion and the sun. This provides extra mileage between charges and a lower operating cost regardless of driving conditions. Trouvé is planning on manufacturing facilities located in Southern Ontario Canada, USA, UK, Oman and EU and as more divisions open up, they will employ tens of thousands of people interested in transitioning to a new career in the electric vehicle industry.

All the vehicle bodies are made with natural fibers making them the first fully recyclable electric vehicles. This is in keeping with the goal to create production facilities and vehicles that are environmentally friendly. The Trouvé-EV’s corporate DNA is based on the reduction of pollution to help support environmental sustainability.

In addition to the positive economic impact production facilities will have in the communities they operate, Trouvé is also committed to education, working with some of the best Educational Institutions. “We are developing co-op and intern programs to provide students with hands-on learning experiences, leading to possible future employment with Trouvé-EV. These educated, enthusiastic young people will help our company become a world leader.” Comments Trouvé CFO, Peter Fredricks Monchuk.

Trouvé is accepting Pre-order sales on their website. Trouvé Victory Inc. welcomes investment enquiries. Sign up for the e-newsletter on the website to keep in the know of Trouve’s developments.

For media enquiries or interviews contact:

MarySue Furtney
Chairman: Faruk K. Rama
CFO: Peter Fredricks Monchuk
UK: David MacKinnon
Oman: Sultan Al Amri

About Trouvé Victory Inc.

Trouvé means in English, To Find. Trouvé Victory Inc. is focused on creating an innovative, environmentally friendly fully electric vehicle. Trouvé Victory Inc. assembly and manufacturing will take place in Southern Ontario, Canada USA, UK, Oman and the EU. The manufacturing facility will be carbon neutral, with a solar powered roof, and a state-of-theart robotic assembly line. Trouvé prioritizes working with some of the best Universities, to develop co-op and intern programs which will provide students with hands-on learning experience, leading to possible future employment with Trouvé-EV. These educated, enthusiastic young people will help our company become a world leader. The goal is to make Trouvé Victory Inc., not only the electric vehicle of choice but the employer of choice.