Trouvé Victory Inc., is a Global Based Electric Vehicle Manufacturer, Head Office in Canada currently developing high-performance fully electric vehicles, that will be distributed worldwide. Trouvé Victory Inc., is focusing purely on electric powered technology. This will set a new performance standard, by offering stunning vehicle designs, with an exceptional single charge range of 800-1,000 km or 500–700 miles.

This Special Edition Sedan is selling out fast.

  • The First 100 Trouvé-EV pre-ordered vehicles will be a FULLY LOADED luxury Sedan model. These special first 100 pre-ordered Trouvé-EV vehicles will include a lifetime warranty. Plus Applicable taxes will apply.
  • Trouvé-EV is establishing an electric vehicle brand that will redefine performance and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment is to preserve the environment by introducing fully electric models to the world.

  • These special 100 Pre-ordered vehicles will be built while the manufacturing plant is under construction.
  • Delivery of the first 100 Trouvé-EV’s will be mid to late 2023.

  • Secure your name on the list! Limited Time offer first 100 names will qualify to preorder the Trouvé-EV Sedan with a lifetime warranty.

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