Canadian Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Signs $5.3 billion Investment Agreement with Alpina Investors in Vancouver Today

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 20 September 2022. 

Trouvé Victory Inc. (TVI), a Canadian electric vehicle manufacturer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, developed and designed state-of-the-art electric vehicles.   Concept designs of the four models have been completed: sports, sedan, Crossover SUV, and pickup truck.

Three working prototypes of the sports model, branded as Nur Majan (means the light of Oman) were completed in the company’s JV partner facilities in Oman, where a 60,000 square meter land is allocated, and production facility construction started.

TVI’s production facilities are being designed and should be completed by late 2024 in Ontario, Canada, USA, the UK, and Oman.

Trouvé has been in discussions with Alpina Investments Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for a few months. The two companies have reached an agreement to invest USD $5.3 billion into the lands, construction, equipping, staff training, and marketing in all four locations mentioned above.  There will also be a budget for R&D at head office in Canada.   The funds will be used by Trouvé over a three-year period.

Trouvé electric vehicles are distinguished by ultra-modern designs, artificial intelligence in the cockpit, ready for L4 level autonomous driving in the future.  Carbon fiber composite material is used for the car body to give extra strength while maintaining light weight and environmental sustainability.   The car is able to cover about 1000 km in one full load of hydrogen, employing customized and highly improved hydrogen fuel cells.

Trouvé plans to allocate a significant budget for future R&D, to be conducted under the brand name “TechCity”, as part of its production plant in Canada. Research will be done and in conjunction with leading technology firms from around the world, as well as with leading university researchers in Canada, USA, the UK, Europe, and the Far East.  Internships and fellowships will be awarded by Trouvé to high achievers at higher education campuses in Canada.

Trouvé is currently at advanced discussions with various JV partners who bring innovative technologies from Canada, USA, Germany, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Trouvé has 17 patents and is in the process of submitting at least 30 additional international patents for its innovations and inventions.

Chairman of Trouvé, Mr. Faruk K. Rama, “We are very proud that out of Canada we are able to give the world the best electric car technology, enhanced with unique features, luxury, safety, security, and with zero emission”.

The company has a team of 50 engineers, executives, and marketing professionals in all its current start up offices around the world.  This number is expected to rise to a few thousand during the next three years.

Electric car production in Oman is planned by Q4, 2023, and in the rest of the locations by Q4 of 2024.

For more information visit www.Trouveev.com and www.alpina.vision

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