Advanced Composite Material Recycling in the Automotive Industries

Advanced Composite materials (glass, carbon, aramid, boron and related materials) have exceptional durability, superior strength, near-zero maintenance and low weight, are expanding into the automotive, aerospace and renewable energy industries at an ever-accelerating pace. The use of composite materials in automotive (all transportation) applications, are a result of their inherent advantages over traditional metal [...]

First Fully Electric, Canadian Car coming on market by 2023

TROUVÉ-EV designs, develops, manufacture and sells high-performance fully electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle and components. Trouvé Victory Inc. have purposefully departed from the traditional automotive industry model by focusing on electric powered technology and owning vehicle sales and service networks. We are the next company in the Canada and Overseas to commercially produce safe [...]

Canadian autonomous or self driving vehicles will soon be available for sale

The world’s car manufactures are developing autonomous vehicles, progress and improvements are being made daily. As a result people want to know; are these vehicles going to be safe? Are governments preparing for them? How quickly with they appear on public road-ways? Trouvé-EV team members are proactively talking with the municipalities, by sitting on discussion [...]

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