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London Unveil new EV Company with big dreams and big numbers. Connor Luczka, XFM news reporter November 26, 2021

"We're not making speculations. This is a real deal. It's about to happen- it just needs the signature to be put on." Faruk K. Rama is a Londoner and the chairman of Trouve VictoryJnm. They are a new electric car company centred here in London, though recently moved to Toronto. Rama says he [...]

A Londoner’s ambitious $3B dream: Made-in-Ontario electric vehicles

A London entrepreneur has a big dream, and a tough road ahead. Norman De Bono | Publishing date: Nov 02, 2021: Faruk Rama envisions building a new electric vehicle in Ontario, a stylish sleek ride rolling out of a plant east of Toronto some time in 2023, he announced Tuesday from [...]

Global luxury electric vehicle manufacturer set to shake up the market

Trouvé Victory Inc. launches the next generation of electric vehicles with a focus on high performance and zero-emission electric technology November 2, 2021: Ontario, Canada: Trouvé Victory Inc. is bringing the next generation of fully electric vehicles to the global automotive marketplace with delivery starting in 2023. Trouvé-EV vehicles will include an [...]

Advanced Composite Material Recycling in the Automotive Industries

Advanced Composite materials (glass, carbon, aramid, boron and related materials) have exceptional durability, superior strength, near-zero maintenance and low weight, are expanding into the automotive, aerospace and renewable energy industries at an ever-accelerating pace. The use of composite materials in automotive (all transportation) applications, are a result of their inherent advantages over traditional metal [...]

Canadian autonomous or self driving vehicles will soon be available for sale

The world’s car manufactures are developing autonomous vehicles, progress and improvements are being made daily. As a result people want to know; are these vehicles going to be safe? Are governments preparing for them? How quickly with they appear on public road-ways? Trouvé-EV team members are proactively talking with the municipalities, by sitting on discussion [...]

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