The world’s car manufactures are developing autonomous vehicles, progress and improvements are being made daily. As a result people want to know; are these vehicles going to be safe? Are governments preparing for them? How quickly with they appear on public road-ways?

Trouvé-EV team members are proactively talking with the municipalities, by sitting on discussion panels about the implementation process for autonomous vehicles. They are also, providing recommendations about the types of communications that autonomous vehicles will require to operate safely in both rural and urban communities. This communication infrastructure is a necessity in rural and urban centres, before we can start using autonomous vehicles on a regular basis.

The key requirement is to build a communications portal allowing the GPS guidance systems to inform the vehicles computers where they are at any moment in time. The infrastructure in metropolitan centers is better equipped to deal with self driving vehicles, especially when the weather is fine, when the roads are clear with no construction. What if there are hazards, such as snow, rain, crosswalks, school buses, pedestrians?

To answer these pressing questions about public safety the manufacturers of self-driving cars are in the test phase and their vehicles are spotted regularly driving in a deep learning mode. An important note is that the autonomous driving routes are strictly limited and controlled. There are a few cities that allow self driving vehicles on public roads with human oversight 100% of the time. They realize that there is a need to create a system that recognises obstacles, and pedestrians as well as avoiding collisions.

Trouvé-EV’s design team is actively involved in the realm of autonomous vehicle design, having created autonomous vehicles for some of the leading innovative car manufactures. They are now testing and evolving the system with deep learning or AI. These companies realize that there is still a way to go before the testing phase is over, and the auto manufacturers are ready to make self driving vehicles available to the corporations, people, and service companies.

That is why the Trouvé-EV’s design team is so committed to the design and excellence of our autonomous vehicles. Trouvé-EV Canada is, utilizing the experience from the design team to evolve autonomous vehicles, such as taxi’s, and commercial vehicles which will be offered in the near future. The goal of Trouvé-EV Canada is to provide the best solution available, in the market place today. We are confident that our autonomous vehicles are being designed by one of the world’s best teams.

A Trouvé-EV Canada team member was quoted as saying, “We look forward to the future and bringing a new driving experience for all our customers”.